Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) (Model: JSM IT500)

JSM IT500 Scanning Electron Microscope is capable of providing Zeromag for fast navigation, and live analysis realtime EDS analysis during observation. It is capable of providing resolution in the range of high vacuum mode: 3.0 nm (30 kV) to 15.0 nm (1.0 kV). The instrument can magnify x 30 to x 300,000 (Defined with a display size of 128 mm x 96 mm). The electron gun uses tungsten filament which is fully automatic aligned and uses accelerating voltage of 0.3 kV to 30kV. The instrument is equipped with automatic correction function such focus / stigmator / brightness / contrast control. Instrument is capable of EDS functions such as spectral analysis, qualitative & quantitative analysis, line analysis (horizontal line, specific direction line), elemental mapping, etc.

The TRIO™ optic is the key component of the D8 ADVANCE Plus, meeting the specific demands on the instrument resolution of the three most commonly used X-ray diffraction geometries in one single optic

  • Divergent beam for conventional powder diffraction (XRPD)
  • High intensity parallel beam for capillary experiments, height insensitive measurements, surface sensitive grazing
  • Pure Cu-Kα1 parallel beam for high-resolution diffraction (HRXRD) of epitaxial thin films and low symmetry powder samples
  • incidence geometry (GID), coating thickness determination (XRR) and micro-diffraction (μXRD)


  • SEM (3 images): 600/-
  • EDS analysis: 500/-
  • SEM + EDS: 700/-
  • Conductive Coating Of Gold : 200/-
  • SEM + Mapping : 900/-
  • SEM + Back scatter imaging : 800/-